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Location: 780 E Grand Canyon Drive, Chandler, Arizona, United States United States
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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- Date: 12/2012, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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True Energy Today LLC

Chandler, Arizona, United States United States
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True Energy Today, LLC’s product to market will be the PME Project.  Poultry Manure to Ethanol (“PME”) is a project designed to take advantage of an opportunity in the energy and fertilizer forum where operating environmentally responsible and providing a renewable fuel is not only good stewardship but highly profitable.  True Energy Today, LLC has obtained proven, patented, cutting-edge bio-technology with the capability of producing ethanol from poultry manure as well as a high volume of NPK liquid fertilizer.  We are licensed globally to use the biologics. True Energy Today, LLC has formed strategic partnerships with Bio-tech groups and scientists, farmers, equipment manufacturing suppliers, vendors and construction groups to ensure success.  True Energy Today, LLC will manage the processes, interrelationships between all groups and the investment portfolio for investors. 


The third party validation (by a top Biofuel lab in the US) is finished and validates the process the products the process delivers and the assumptions built into the financial projections. Our next steps and needs are:

  • $7.5M for construction and operations of the pilot plant. 
  • $100M mid-2013 for subsequent facilities and high volume manufacturing.

Our plan is to use the first 500k gallon pilot plant to prove scalability.  Once that is done, we plan to move to 2.5MM gallon increment plants.  A supplier will be providing the modular manufacturing equipment that will be built offsite in discreet modules and then interconnected at the site. This will significantly reduce the capital costs through production volumes of equipment and reduce some of the operational costs through economies of scale. By year-end 2016 we will have 203 sites producing over 775M gallons of ethanol with annual sales exceeding $4B from all products. Our first facility will perform at a 30% return pretax.  We expect to drive that up to the 60-70% range once into volume. The initial facility capitalization rate is 8% based on $.44MM Pretax net income and capital expenditures of $5.5MM.  By adding a waste beverage stream and increasing our ethanol output to 700k gallons per year our return could go up to 61%.


True Energy Today, LLC plans to construct its’ initial plant near the manure waste source in the Phoenix, AZ.  This PME plant will produce approximately 500K gallons of ethanol, will require one (1) acre of land with improvements (10,000 SF structure, water supply, natural gas/propane, electrical distribution and good accessibility).   Prior to a final decision on site choice, it will be evaluated for expandability as we feel there is the capacity to increase production to 2.5MM gallons of ethanol annually based on the feedstock currently produced. 


It is our belief that once we achieve this level of investment and have 10+ facilities operating we will have the option of being entirely self-funded for all subsequent ventures in ethanol production worldwide.  The uniqueness of this investment opportunity should not be underrated.  Rarely do technology, industry and demand collide with such prolific strength.  True Energy Today, LLC is poised to take advantage of the endless demand of the products