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Location: 2700 Fairmount St, Dallas, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 09/2013, Series A: $4.2 M (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
- Date: 07/2012, Seed: $1.5 M (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Allen Duan, Njeri Kinyanjui, Ninan Chacko, Aleem Choudhry, Ellen Keszler, Andres Fabris, Paul Eaton, John Jaddou, Roshan Mendis, Carl Loredo, Andrew Medvedev
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Can you please recommend Traxo?

Great way to keep track of points & miles, and game-changing automated itinerary development (and calendar population) functionality. Must-have for anyone travelling 2-3+ times per year


Travel Organized.
Texas, United States United States

Traxo automatically detects and organizes ALL of your travel information (bookings, miles, points, and loyalty status) from 190+ sources, into a single centralized, dynamic travel dashboard -- essentially a next-gen Tripit or for travel.

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Company description

Traxo is the world’s most advanced personal travel organizer.  

The free service automatically detects and aggregates travel information, including: itineraries, miles, points, and elite status, directly from over 200 different travel websites, and accepts travel confirmation emails from over 1,000 travel providers, organizing everything into a single, comprehensive travel dashboard  -- essentially a next-gen Tripit or for travel.  

Traxo users become part of a smart, savvy online travel community and are rewarded with rich and informed social travel experiences. Conceived by founders Andres Fabris, Andy Chen and Richard Pendergast, Traxo’s executive team is comprised of business veterans with years of industry experience at companies such as Sabre and Travelocity.

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Check out Splash NY Dec 2012 Winner, Traxo's presentation

  • Andres Fabris
    Andres Fabris | Founder
    Online Travel Industry Expert (17yrs). Former VP Biz Dev for Travelocity. Inventor with one issued travel patent and two more pending. MBA from the Harvard Business School.
Business model

Revenue from three sources: 1) Commissions and affiliate revenue earned from selling missing travel components ($15/member/yr), 2) Subscription fees associated with 'Traxo Pro', which will retail for $49 / year, 3-5% of members expected to upgrade ($2/mbr/yr), 3) Date licensing fees associated with the sale of Traxo structured data and co-branded portals. Ad server and targeting module in place and already generating revenue.

Competitive advantage

Traxo has invested 450+ man-months creating a sophisticated travel harvesting and trip building infrastructure. The platform is based on owned, proprietary technology that is extremely difficult to replicate. Two patents pending: 1) SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRAVEL MONITORING AND NOTIFICATION, filed May 2008, and 2) SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMPARATIVE TRAVEL RECORD SCORING, filed Feb 2011.

Allen Duan
Strategy and Corporate Development at Viacom-MTV Networks / Angel Investor
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Menno Ellis - Unconfirmed
Ninan Chacko
Andres Fabris
Online Travel Industry Expert (17yrs). Former VP Biz Dev for Travelocity. Inventor with one issued travel patent and two more pending. MBA from the Harvard Business School.
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Don Birch - Unconfirmed
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Tony Iglesias - Unconfirmed