Vator Splash LA (June 2012)

Vator Splash LA (June 2012)

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Location: Next Productions 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd #712, San Diego, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Companies get sales, people make money and jobs !
San Diego, California, United States United States provides companies with sales revenue locally or nationwide though an outsourced salesforce in a contest format. Companies choose between a live city contest or a virtual online sales force and keep all the revenue and accounts generated by the sales gurus.
Sales professionals benefit from monies earned and job offerings.

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Company description

 The Sales Contest and the VP Contest are both live and online sales and marketing tournaments that bring sales revenue to companies on a local and/or national basis.This is combined with a crowdselling online technology that brings companies additional revenue from thousands of sales reps across the country.  Every business needs the core element that we provide ...bottom line revenue and branding.

A company gets 16 salespeople competing in a sales tournament selling the company's products/services for a 7 week period to whatever business or consumer markets the companies choose. This brings sales revenue to the participating company, jobs and monies to the participating salespeople and incredible branding. The sales and marketing gurus utilize their business development strategies, social and business contacts and marketing skills to generate revenue.

We also have an online crowdselling format, matching up companies that need sales with independent sales reps across the United States. Think the of sales.

Picture the "American Idol" of sales and marketing , except sales contestants and companies can participate live in a city, or through online our technology.  We have had success with companies from multiple industries. In addition we have just signed television agreements for the Sales contest to be in front of over 2 million households in two major cities.

Companies win, Contestants win, Cities win.

 We are able to deliver both the live contest and the online contest to any city in America or through a virtual online sales outsourcing program. This provides the capability to service thousands of businesses and thousands of end users and visitors.

The company has eight different revenue streams including sponsorship revenue (sales fees), product placement revenue, online advertising, revenue sharing partnerships etc

The Sales Contest and The VP Contest were created by Ken Gora and Next Productions.

Business model


 1. Companies participate as corporate sponsors to have their products or services sold by 16 sales and marketing professionals. OR, companies can choose to select certain sales and marketing professionals in a crowdselling format for specific markets nationally. The companies receive all sales revenue and branding from the sales contestants efforts.

2. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals apply to be in the contest, to show that they are the Sales and Marketing Guru or VP of Sales, earn the $100k position, other job interviews and positions, sales commissions and cash prizes.

3. Through a tough and entertaining interview process, the best sales and marketing professionals are chose to compete live in a  city or a national online tournament.

4. Each sponsor trains the contestants on their product line, strategies and markets. A new sponsor is introduced each week for the first 4 weeks of the 7 week tournament.

5. Contestants use their sales and marketing strategies, skills and contacts to bring sales, revenue, strategic partners, PR and revenue to the sponsors. They are making sure to do  sales and performance results with each sponsor.

6. Each week contestants are given feedback as to how they are doing.

7. We have secured televison contarcts in two major cities to produce and air this for eight episodes. This drives further revenue to the companies and our website. Think of the program Shark Tank profiling entrepreneurs and businesses meets the American Idol of Sales and Marketing. The local economy has been stimulated by businesses getting revenue and people getting jobs.

Revenue comes from eight different sources. Our technology allows us to have contests being held live as well as online that brings in sponsorship revenue per month therough a crowdselling platform. The additional advertising revenue,  revenue sharing partnership revenue, systems revenue, etc will be discussed.


Competitive advantage

There is no competition. We are creating  an industry. Our 4 minute video: