Location: to be updated, Purdys, New York, United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Purdys, New York, United States
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Founders started TeleLingo to make both societal and financial impact. They are passionate about solving real life problems using high tech, such as Machine Vision (MV), Speech and Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). TeleLingo is on a mission to reduce social and financial cost of accidents caused by distracted and drowsy driving. Inattentiveness can be caused by a variety of sources (mobile devices, other passengers in vehicle, food, drinks), conditions (stress, fatigue, chronic diseases) or mental attitude (understating risks, overestimating ability to multitask, …). TeleLingo brings together experts in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, AI, Human-Machine Interaction, Psychologists and Industrial Design to create a robust and personalized solution to help all drivers (car, truck, ride-sharing) get instant feedback on dangers ahead or precarious driving conditions, and guidance to prevent accidents in the first place. The team has deep and specific experience in developing solutions for vehicle manufacturers, and conversational interaction systems to analyze spoken input, emotion content, user responsiveness to tailor communications and make them distraction-free. TeleLingo aims at becoming a leader in safe driving assist for existing vehicles, and in safe driving hand-off systems for self-driving vehicles.