Location: 2 Arunta st cranbrook townsville QLD 4815, Brisbane, Australia Australia
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
The inaugural drones for good competition held in Dubai fostering ideas with drones. We came 4th in the world, beating teams from Singapore University and MIT 2015.
The city of Adelaide in South Australia is striving to become the first carbon neutral city. As part of this, they held an innovation challenge to help come up with ideas. BLKTATU was a finalist and voted most commercially viable. Cash prize of $10kAUD


We build plug and play hardware that allows drones to deliver to high rise buildings
Brisbane, Australia Australia
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Company description

We build plug and play hardware that enables drones to deliver to high rise buildings. The last mile delivery problem is huge. Amazon lose $3B annually on shipping and up to 70% of that cost is the last mile. Robotics/automation can solve this problem. Many drone companies are trying to do deliveries but they can only deliver to the ground. This is because GPS is only accurate to +-5m. An area of 100sqm is required in order to receive deliveries. It makes economic sense to be deliver to high rise buildings because that is where the majority of people live. What is needed is a dedicated place in which to deliver to and the ability to deliver to that area accurately. We have built a plug and play computer vision platform that can be attached to any drone. We also built a dedicated delivery point to receive the delivery that is attached to a window or balcony. Please see how it works on our website video.






Business model

We charge on a per delivery business model and a subscription model for the net.

Competitive advantage

We have the patent for a delivery net that can be hung from a wall or building.