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Founded in: 2014
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Whole-Mind Mobile Learning For 21st Century Skills
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Synapzap has joined forces with Gamedesk (Fast Company’s 6th most innovative education company in the world in 2013) to develop a whole-mind educational gaming program for the K-5th grade market, incorporating the latest principles in cognitive development, neuroscience, and game-based learning.  

Our program weaves whole-mind games into a compelling meta-narrative and world focused on developing 21st century skills (social & emotional growth, collaboration & sharing, synthesizing & solutioning, grit & resilience) that teachers and parents access via tablet, to compliment the core curricula and enrich our childrens' faculties towards self-actualization.

Our vision is to provide parents and teachers an enhancement tool for developing the 'Learning and Innovation' skills as defined by the Partnership for the 21st Century and threaded throughout the new Common Core State Standards.  

Game based learning is a low to no-cost way to provide enrichment tools that can close the gap on education disparity between public and private schools students.  EVERY child can take advantage of these tools for developing skills to be not only competitive and on par with their classmates, but with the global society.  

Synapzap enters with a K-5 educational mobile gaming program that will enhance EVERY child's ability to meet these new global standards while most importantly enriching them with the 21st Century Skills of a whole minded child that leads to life happiness and success.



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    Lynn Liss | Founder
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    Lauren Weisbarth | Founder
    Launching edu-game mobile venture for k-5 learners focusing on bringing 21st century skills into education, while enriching our youth with the latest principles in cognitive development, neuroscience, and game-based learning.
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