Location: 11306 67th Avenue Ct NW, Gig Harbor, Washington, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
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Gig Harbor, Washington, United States United States

Stagester makes more money for venues and bands from their live performances.

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My company, Stagester, is developing a live streaming platform to help live performance venues and artists make more money from their live performances and helping them to stay in closer constant contact with their fans.

 My name is Alvin Mullins, I’m the founder of Stagester. I’m putting together the Stagester team to bring this vision to market. I have two successful exits with one of them being a pro-audio company in Houston, TX, when I was in college. John Gebhart has signed on to be a mentor to me and the company, John has experience as CEO, CFO and COO for early stage to IPO startups. Jose Cepeda has excelled at the role of CTO for the San Diego Opera and was the Senior Engineer for Commercial Media, the leading database company for performing arts companies in the country. Jordan Phillips, is the visionary at the head of Stagester’s design, his company Hey Jo Jo is an award winning design company based in Portland and he is the founder of LookVook a revolutionary video advertising startup. I am in discussions with individuals who are experienced in the video and streaming development fields.

Stagester’s market focus is at the venue and artist level. The plan is to leverage the customer base of both of these groups to build our consumer list. Currently I’m developing the server to place in the first test location and will utilize an off-the-shelf solution to start A/B testing for quality vs. pricing. Although I do have competitor pricing to start with. I hope to have remote testing starting in October pointing towards a launch in March at South By Southwest.

 While the opportunity for Stagester is huge, I understand opportunity will do nothing without execution. The first step is the StageBox, basically an ingestion streaming server that receives the video and audio signals, encodes them and streams them to CloudMix. CloudMix will be a hosted application for mixing the audio and video then streaming to the enduser by way of a dedicated content delivery network.

 The benefits for our customers is that Stagester provides a simple, easy way to stream their live performances, connecting to their customers like they never have before. All in a cost effective system that will not only make them more revenue but let them capture more information about their customers helping them make more informed decisions about their business. 

 The big reason Stagester is primed to capture a significant share of the live performance market lies in its IP and its competitive advantages. With StageBox, CloudMix and CloudProducer all of which may be patentable, Stagester can be first to market an almost totally automated streaming solution. At the same time, we will be providing what the competition or future competition cannot. By making streaming easy, cost effective and scalable, Stagester is setup for success.

 Stagester’s go to market strategy is to leverage the venue and artist’s existing customer lists and combine them with a social marketing strategy to capture endusers. We will partner with indie music events and sites to attract musicians and venues. Finally we will sign a few large performing arts companies as participants of in our beta program in return for advance payments.

 Our business model is built with the fact that we are multi-sided in that we have venues, performers and advertisers on one side and consumers on the other. The revenues would come through a combination of Leasing and Usage, Sales and Advertising and Pay Per View Subscriptions depending on the customer. Most of the costs to accomplish this is in buildout of the platform, the equipment and hosting costs.


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