SocialTwist (Tell-a-Friend)
Location: 1021 S. Wolfe Road, Suite 275, Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 16-30
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SocialTwist (Tell-a-Friend)

Add the power of marketing to your share button
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

We think our Tell-a-Friend widget might be the best word-of-mouth marketing tool in existence. Tell-a-Friend makes it possible for your site visitors to share your content with their friends without directing them away from your site. It enables you to influence each shared message’s look and feel with specialized content that includes:

  • Your company’s logo and brand identity
  • Detailed product information, including images and description
  • Personal notes and more

With one button your visitors can connect with their friends on  Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, IM, Google Talk, Digg and 80 other channels to spread the positive referral about you.

The Tell-a-Friend widget works just about any place online like on product pages, search results, news Items, blog posts, time sensitive announcements, contests, events and offers to spread the word instantly.

The TAF suite of products:
  • TAF4Free: A simple, powerful, TRUSTe-certified sharing tool that supports a wide array of channels, including bookmarking, email, social networking sites and IM.
  • TAF4Branding: Includes all the functionality of TAF4Free, and allows you to include additional links and branded, attention-grabbing marketing messages.
  • TAF4Commerce: Has all the power of TAF4Branding, plus the ability to include dynamic product-specific content, including product images, pricing, special offers, customer reviews, links to related products and more.
  • TAF4Rewards: Takes your referral marketing to the next level by enabling you to develop and deploy integrated, refer-a-friend rewards campaigns that dramatically increase web site traffic and sales.
  • TAF4Ads: Gives your banner ads the last mile advantage by enhancing their reach through word of mouth.



  • Vijay Pullur
    Vijay Pullur | Team member
    Vijay Pullur is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of  SocialTwist and Pramati Technologies. SocialTwist is delivering a series of widget applications that add social elements to web and enterprise business applications. Tell-...
Business model
SocialTwist is a business unit within Pramati. Pramati is one of the best known engineering brands from India and a preferred partner in enterprise software and and Web 2.0 applications development. Pramati helps customers build and manage robust solutions with its own Java™ Application Server product and a service suite of architecture, deployment and performance engineering around middleware and SOA. Pramati helps software vendors with services that enable them to adapt faster to market changes, lower engineering expenses and innovate better.

Pramati owns and operates the following brands:

» Pramati Server
» Dekoh
» SocialTwist
» Pramati Product Development Services