Simple CRM System
Location: Moshe Sharet 6 , Tel Aviv, Israel Israel
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Simple CRM System

CRM in a Spreadsheet. Enjoy the benefits, without the complexity
Tel Aviv, Israel Israel
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Simple CRM System is a super-simple CRM system for small businesses, that allows you to gain the benefits of modern, advanced CRM systems, but keep working in the same way you like - using a spreadsheet. In our spreadsheet you can set reminders, attach files, set appointments, sync with his/her Google calendar, send e-mails and more! All from inside the spreadsheet you love.

About us
Simple CRM System is a company operating from Tel-Aviv, Israel. We’ve launched only recently, and after a successful beta period, have already acquired many satisfied paying customers. They love the simplicity of the spreadsheet and how it allows them to get on top of what they need to do. They like the ability to synchronize with their Google calendar and see all of their reminders and appointments on-the-go.

About the product
Simple CRM System is a super-simple CRM that looks like a spreadsheet. Just copy and paste your existing Excel spreadsheet and benefit from reminders, appointments, calendar sync, advanced search and more. All inside the spreadsheet. Anyone can sign-up for free at ​​ .

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Shauli Daon, PhD
CEO & Founder
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    Shauli Daon | Team member
    An experienced programmer, Mamram graduate, knowledgable in Product Design and Development. Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. Theoretical and computational work in building mathematical models for atom-surface scattering. Used mostly C++ with CUDA to ru...
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Finally a truly simple CRM!