Location: Mulund(West), Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India India
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 16-30
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Selfie Luck - Win Prizes Free

Upload Selfies and Win Prizes Free!
Mumbai, India India
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Company description

Selfie Luck is a selfie game app where the user can upload their selfie on various campaigns listed. The winners are chosen via random picking. Each day there is a campaign run and the user can upload only one selfie for each of these contests. The users are notified whenever a new contest is started. At the end of the contest, the winner is declared through random picking.

How to play? Upload your selfies and win prizes.

Step 1 - Selfie luck is available on Android and iPhone.

Step 2 - Once the app is installed, the next step is to register oneself with a valid email id. Later on, the account is created.

Step 3 - Choose from various campaigns listed

Step 4 - Upload your selfies in the contest (Note: Not more than one selfie can be posted for each campaign.

Step 5 - Choose your selfie from gallery or click a fresh one directly from the app’s camera

Step 6 - Check notification when the winner is declared
The user can also send out invites to their family and friends to earn tickets.