Location: Paris, France France
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Paris, France France
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Company description
Seaver is a French start-up developing connected equipment for horses. We want to enhance traditional training methods for equestrian sports. Passionate riders, coaches and breeders will be able to introduce technology and precise metrics into their training and competition preparation, while taking care of their horse’s health. Our vocation is to complement coaches’ teachings and veterinary monitoring -helping riders to progress through different scientific metrics. Our first product is a connected equine girth that enables riders to track their horse’s performance and physical condition with a state-of-the-art proven technology and precise metrics. Coupled with a mobile application, the girth helps improve training efficiency while reducing the cost of horse ownership through better care and health. While in training, the girth’s user-friendly interface displays, in real time, essential information such as the horse’s speed, calories burned and heart rate, and distance covered. Once the training session is completed, the same user-friendly interface allows access to a wealth of information such as right/left pace, effort, jump and pace analysis, top and average speed, jump paths map, recovery time and anomalies detected.