Location: Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Sports travel made easy!
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

Sports travel made easy! is your home for deeply discounted group  travel deals to see your favorite pro sports teams play on the road. Roadgamer travel packages include cheap air, hotel, tickets, and tailgate parties at your favorite NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA team road games!

Business model is a group buying/social commerce/flash deals model for sports travel, making money by selling travel packages to large groups of sports fans that want to see their favorite teams play on the road. Our packages go for about $1000 each and we intend to offer about 50 packages for each game, grossing about $50,000 per event, on which we have a nice margin.

Roadgamer will focus on what we call “sport weekends” - games played over Thursday-Monday, when fans are likely to be willing to travel. For just the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, & MLS, we estimate that we have a minimum of 2000 games per year to sell around. We will also quickly expand to NCAA football and basketball plus Nascar and PGA with plans to go global within 2-3 years.

We also monetize via ecommerce by offering products and services complementary to our business such as travel insurance, car rentals, tours, team merchandise, event tickets, third party offers, and more.

Competitive advantage


What makes our company an interesting business is that we will disrupt the sports travel industry by being the first to provide a complete turnkey group-buying travel service featuring “all inclusive” packages for major sporting events, sold as "flash deals." Our execution is 100% unique to this business and no single competitor has established themselves as a well known brand with a dominant market share.

What makes our company interesting to sports fans is that we will save sports fans money, time, and frustration while providing them with an unforgettable sporting experience they can share with friends and family.

Before, hordes of small groups of fans from the same city planned trips to see their favorite team play on the road but they didn’t buy or travel together. They each had to figure out how to get tickets, where to stay, where to pregame, and how to get around. These trips are total a hassle to coordinate, take a lot of time and planning, and you overpay for everything.

We built to solve this problem by creating travel packages that give sports fans combined buying power and an easy way to travel and cheer together. We figured out that if these trips are bought together as a group, we could save a ton of cash and pass those saving down to each fan, creating an affordable and hassle free experience.

Through fans can see all the great ballparks and stadiums, spend time in great American cities, see some awesome games at very affordable prices, and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

There are several existing sports travel companies out there but our execution is clearly different. None offer turnkey deals the way Roadgamer does. Their websites are very poorly organized and cluttered, they do not offer many pre-packaged regular season games, and  most only do custom trips for "big" games, requiring a lot of back n forth with their sellers over the phone. The competition executes poorly and there is no dominant or well know brand in this space, it is ripe for disruption.