Location: 2633 McKinney Ave, Dallas, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Short URL: vator.co/rideconnect-llc

RideConnect LLC

Dallas, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

RideConnect is a new smartphone app with which you can create private communities, within which you can share rides.

It's different from Uber or Lyft, which are public apps. RideConnect values privacy and trust, and it gives you control of who you share rides with. Drivers who wish to offer you ridesharing and taxi services have to first be included into your private community either by having you add them on Facebook or by saving their phone number. 

RideConnect also lets you share your community with others. This means that if you've taken the trouble of building a trusted community, then you can share that community with your family, friends or even with a group.

RideConnect makes ridesharing more personal and more fun.  Check it out at www.RideConnect.com.   






Business model

RideConnect charges a flat 99 cents to download the app. The app does not charge any additional fees to share rides. However, using a freemium model, RideConnect plans to offer premium plans for subscription. Users who use RideConnect to provide professional ride share services to their customers can subscribe in order to unlock the premium features.

Competitive advantage

Privacy - by allowing users to validate and verify users with whom they plan to share rides, RideConnect is unique. The competitive advantage is in the specific way in which RideConnect allows users to create private communities, and then to share them with one another.