Location: Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
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REYEDR’s (pronounced rider) mission is to connect motorcyclists with their machines in a way that transforms the ride experience. The way in which we view information on motorcycles has not really changed since being developed a century ago. AR combined with smartphone computing now provides the ability to improve safety by delivering key information at eye level. By eliminating distractions from looking down at the dash, motorcyclists can now ride safer by keeping their eyes on the road at all times, to look out for hazards. The REYEDR HUD (with universal helmet mount) and REYEDR smartphone App deliver key information about the bike, route and ride group. Leisure motorcycling is a popular recreational activity in the developed countries with over 30+ million riders touring on day trips or multi-day trips locally and overseas. The social aspect of the App is designed to connect bikers to this large community and discover new routes, through those who have ridden in the past or to experience with those in their ride group. Motorcycling is a risky sport. By keeping riders geo-connected with their group and the ability to alert emergency services, we give riders and non-riding loved ones peace of mind.