Location: ResearchGATE Corporation 285 Third Street #727 Invalidenstr. 115, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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Scientific Network
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

ResearchGATE is the leading professional social network for scientists and researchers to collaborate, share and network. The Boston and Berlin based startup has 300,000 registered users from more than 200 countries. ResearchGATE enables users to connect with colleagues, discover new research, share scientific methods and collaborate online.




Business model

ResearchGATE monetizes the site with a jobs board where, as on Craigslist, employers pay to place help wanted ads. It also sells the ResearchGATE platform to universities and other research institutions that want to set it up for use within their own organizations.

Competitive advantage

ResearchGATE prohibits members from disclosing information shared on the site with third parties. It accepts no advertising, so you won't see any "Which Scientists are Searching for You?" ads cluttering the page.