Location: Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
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Company description is a company that creates gadgets for hands, based on spatialization, tracking, reproduction of fine motor skills and tactile perception. is an international company incorporated in Delaware, USA with R&D Center in Ukraine. We identified a number of problems with controllers for PC / VR. The easiest solution is Raccoon.Clip, a handy universal controller for mobile VR and video games. It is the most simple and cheap gadget in the line of products. The clip determines hand position, transfers it to VR and has special buttons for additional actions. The most complex and functional product is Raccoon.Glove. It allows to tactically feel the virtual objects. While elaborating and improving the Racсoon.Glove we decided to launch an easy and understandable gadget, the Racсoon.Clip. Clip has tested more than 5 000 people in Ukraine, USA, Europe. We received more than 400 contacts of potential backers on Kickstarter since December 2016. We are preparing for mass production and mass market after Kickstarter campaign. There were sold more than 5 mln Samsung Gear and 20 mln card boards, for example. And we can already use our gadget with each of these headsets. Our sales goals in 2017-2018: Kickstarter, summer 2017 – $100k From January 2018 - $70k per month Till December 2018 – $700k per month Also we can you use our technology to develop gadgets with different characteristics (orientation in space, reproduce fine motor skills and tactile perception (haptic), tracking) for different tasks in following fields: learning systems, medicine, rehabilitation, adult entertainment. We are looking for partners, investors, feedback and you!)