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Founded in: 2010
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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a force for peace, freedom, and making politics fun.
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  • Scott Lewis
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Business model
  • Organization subscriptions
  • Virtual Goods/Currency
  • Advertising
  • No-ad subscriptions
  • Brand licensing

The main idea is to get people hooked with game mechanics that are both competitive and collaborative.  People participate for free and earn rewards and reputation to advance their personal values.  Companies, organizations, and governments will have an opportunity to participate as well and share their values, but they will have to pay an access fee.  The key feature that will drive sales is image control.  If institutions choose not to participate, users may setup a dummy account, against which to lodge their complaints, share their love, etc.

Advertising will also play a role.  We should be able to target people in a way that provides a much more rich return for our customers.  And for those users that value their freedom, privacy, and screen space, a cheap no-ad subscription will opt them out.

Virtual goods, in the form of Avatar accessories, and perhaps advanced features will also provide additional revenue.

Competitive advantage

We are super lean.

Nobody else is doing it this good.