Location: San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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The Qebot Platform and Marketplace simplifies the discovery, access, purchasing, and management to SaaS based business applications for small and medium sized businesses. Qebot operates by partnering with some of the best business technologies on the market, and integrating their full functionality into a single, easy to navigate platform. They system is open as a marketplace, allowing business owners to browse, buy, and activate only the tools they find necessary for their business. No bundling or packaging of tools a business may not need. Through this consolidated tool process business owners can now sign on to a single platform to manage everything from their CMS and social media to their accounting and payroll. The integrated nature also allows for Qebot to create cross-functionality and automation between tools, automatically set up, that can’t be created outside the platform without major development work. Moreover, through our partnership and licensing agreements, Qebot is able to actually reduce the cost of each of these tools, so business owners are getting the best tools available, all integrated into a single portal, that allows the tools to connect automatically, and save money.