Location: Paris, France France
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Paris, France France
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Software has eaten the world, and the web has eaten software. This should have been solved, yet even in 2017 creating, deploying, maintaining and iterating on the simplest of web sites is hard, broken and risky. Planes crash at takeoff and landing When they’re in the air, you’re usually fine. Same goes with software Folks are afraid to deploy. What ecommerce site in their right mind would deploy a new feature on black friday? We are a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution, the most extreme version of DevOps. Call us NoOps. With everything from development workflow to managed hosting included. And there are a couple of things absolutely no one else on the planet can currently do. We can generate on-the-fly ephemeral staging servers that are perfect copies of production, with all of its data, in under a minute. So you can test every new feature in parallel and in perfect isolation giving deployments that are guaranteed never to fail. Built on a high-density grid of linux micro-containers with a unique multi-cloud cluster orchestration technology. We allow you to deploy a complex scalable architecture as easily as you would deploy a simple blog. solves the contradiction between stability and change. Deploying 20 times a day, while being hit with peak traffic, on Friday, on a Black Friday becomes something normal to do. Whether you are a mom and dad shop, a fast moving startup, a cloud provider or a software vendor, you can use to abstract away the infrastructure and eliminate fear of change.