Location: Mexico City, Mexico Mexico
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Mexico City, Mexico Mexico
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Company description was featured by M. Zuckerberg as future of search. Check it for yourself @ Interest lag in the design of an innovative monetization model based on commissions, pluggable to any search engines with a 1on1 tab next to picture, video and maps tabs. PLANSCOOP.IT is to plan sharing what Uber is to car sharing and Airbnb is to apartment sharing. Not everyone has a car and wants to drive for Uber, nor has a flat and wants to rent it on Airbnb… But yes, we all have plans! It’s simple! You say what you do, where you traveled to, where you live. People knock at your profile asking for help. You keep the conversation going or not. You can put your profile off or on as you want. You can post quickly and easily, and you can earn money in ways you never thought possible. Like earning $5 USD to share a good veterinarian contact, $12 USD for a one-day tourist plan in your city, or $23 USD to tell someone about your latest trip to Cambodia!