Location: 7083 Hollywood Blvd. , Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 07/2016, Seed: $1 M (post valuation: $5500000).
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Awards and mentions
Women Founder’s Network Innovation Competition 2015 – 1st Place Silicon Beach Fest Innovation Fast Pitch 2015 – 2nd Place Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards – Top 10 Finalist 2015 (North America) MEPC Entrepreneurship Competition @ Viterbi School of Engineering/USC – finalist (2014) AIM Incubator at USC – 1st Place (2013) Silicon Beach Innovation Fest @ USC – 3rd Place (2013)


Improving the way you heal
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

PELV-ICE is a medical device startup focused on revolutionizing the standard of care for pelvic soft tissue recovery patients. Our utility patent pending soft braces for the pelvis are the only devices on the market that support all sides of the pelvis with multi-directional adjustability and ice/heat therapy anywhere you need it to naturally manage pain and swelling from soft tissue trauma. They are discrete, highly effective and covered by insurance.

 Our debut device in this $2.7 billion therapeutic soft brace and ice/heat therapy market, is Mama Strut for postpartum recovery. Mama Stut Postpartum Care System is everything a new mama needs to manage the pain and swelling from both vaginal and c-section birth. We also just launched a during pregnancy support system and will debut PELV-ICE for men and women at the end of Q1. PELV-ICE can be used for chronic, acute and post-op injuries across many indications including hip replacement, urological surgery, plastic surgery, pelvic oncology surgery and for other conditions like hernias and groin pulls. 

  • Jill Bigelow
    Jill Bigelow | Team member
    Bigelow is an entrepreneur, USC MBA '07 and mom of 3. Bigelow discovered there was no singular product that addresses the physical ailments for pelvic trauma. Inspired by other braces for soft-tissue injuries, the idea for the Mama Strut was born.
Business model

B2B and B2C

Competitive advantage

We are utility patent pending, 1st to market and becoming the thought leader in our space. 

We have sold approximately 5,000 units to women on 5 continents. They retail for $129 with wholesale price of $64.50 and Distributor price of $45.15. 

We are going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign for our next product under the Mama Strut line called Cura Sui (self-care in Latin). It is a hygiene kit for the developing world. 

The market size just for the Mama Strut device, complimentary products, education and services is 130,000,000 women a year. But under the PELV-ICE name there are millions of other people that need our braces for pelvic soft tissue trauma recovery. The therapeutic soft brace and ice/heat market is $2.7B a year in the USA alone. 


We have a medical/wellness focus so we market to doctors and other care providers to recommend our products to their patients. But, we also market directly to the consumer online.