Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
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PATH EX has developed a proprietary technology to selectively capture bacteria and released toxins from blood for the diagnosis and treatment of systemic infections and sepsis. The broad-spectrum activity of the PATH EX technology enables rapid capture of bacteria and endotoxin, regardless of bacteria type or drug resistance. This allows for subsequent bacterial concentration, identification, and treatment through blood cleansing. PATH EX overcomes the inherent limitations of bacterial culture times and ineffective antibiotics. Currently, the time to prepare a blood sample for pathogen identification can take 3-5 days. Implementing PATH EX into the preparation protocol would significantly reduce sample preparation time and decrease costs. As a sepsis treatment option, PATH EX would reduce the average septic patient LOS by up to 5 days, while also improving patient survival, resulting in savings of $2.9M annually for each acute care hospital. PATH EX is a plug-and-play, disposable technology designed to work with existing hospital equipment. The PATH EX team consists of Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.’s, Infectious Disease Physicians, Nephrologists, commercialization experts, business strategists, and regulatory affairs specialists. PATH EX is currently in the early startup phase and is acquiring funds for device optimization and animal studies.