Osso VR
Location: 2806 San Ardo Way, Belmont, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Osso VR

The Surgery Is Virtual, The Results Are Real
Belmont, California, United States United States
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Company description

Osso VR is a surgical simulation platform focused on teaching surgical techniques in a highly realistic virtual environment. Originally conceived by Justin Barad, an orthopaedic surgeon and Matt Newport, a Veteran VR developer, Osso VR is creating a new way to quickly and effectively teach complex procedures, surgical techniques and new medical tools.

Currently there are critical issues in the way surgeons are trained, both in residency and beyond. With recent limitations on resident work hours, it is estimate that nearly 1 year of training time has been lost. At the same time, the number of procedures surgeons need to learn are increasing in addition to the complexity of the devices used.

Simulation is a way to achieve proficiency with specific procedures and devices without putting patients at risk.  Previous-generation simulator technology has been prohibitively expensive, often costing up to $200k, limited in functionality (i.e can only simulate a very specific type of procedure), and often became outdated or obsolete relatively quickly. 

Osso VR solves these problems by being:

  • Fully immersive
  • Interactive: Use your hands just as you would in the OR
  • Affordable
  • Hardware  Agnostic: It will always be compatible with the newest VR hardware
  • Flexible: Can be used to simulate almost any type of procedure.

It’s time to remodel the standards of surgical training.  Osso VR will make surgeons better and patients safer.





  • Matt Newport
    Matt Newport | Founder
  • Justin Barad
    Justin Barad | Founder
    Justin is an orthopaedic surgeon with with an MD from UCLA where he graduated first in his class. He completed his residency at UCLA and his fellowship at Harvard. He also has a background in software and gaming and has been a lifelong coder.
  • Nicholas Abel
    Nicholas Abel | Team member
  • Adrienne Hunter
    Adrienne Hunter | Team member
Business model

We are a B2B company.  Our users are surgeons, OR staff and medical device sales representatives.  Our customers are medical device manufacturers.

Competitive advantage

Our team and technology are our unfair advantages.

Osso VR is run by Dr. Barad, a fully trained orthopaedic surgeon with a background in medical devices, software, and gaming.  He has a unique perspective by having deep understanding of the needs of the user in addition to understanding the limits and advantages of the hardware platforms Osso develops for.

Adding to the medical expertise of the team includes an all-star advisory board with members like Tom Krummel, the former chair of surgery at Stanford and co-director of the biodesign program there.

On the development side we have leaders in the field of VR development.  The CTO, Matt Newport, has 15 years of AAA game development experience and was one of the first VR developers for the Oculus rift DK1.  Adrienne Hunter, Osso's Experience Design Director is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the world of VR UX interaction design.

Osso's highly interactive simulation technology has been featured at the CES Digital Health Conference, Unite LA, Health 2.0, VRDC, USC's Body Computing Conference, Exponential Medicine, the American College of Emergency Medicine among others.  Early customer feedback indicates we are the most sophisticated, realistic and intuitive offering by a significant margin.