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Professionally Designated Real Estate Opportunities
California, United States United States

OppSites is an entirely new type of Real Estate Listing, connecting city priorities with investor preferences.

Cities identify sites where new investment is desired, and broadcast that information to investors.

Investors, Brokers, and Developers can find underexposed real estate opportunities that may or may not be publicly listed.

Company description



Every municipality has a large number of properties they prioritize for new investment and for which they increase development capacity and reduce risk for investors. We call these locations, OppSites. Oppsite’s value is found in the delta between existing development and what can be realized.

OppSites are not necessarily on the market, and their economic potential is largely unknown to prospective investors and even to property owners, and often goes unrealized.

OppSites was formed to empower municipalities and economic and planning professionals to efficiently communicate information about these properties, and to allow real estate investors and developers to find these high value opportunities.


Much information about opportunity site potential is a matter of public record, however, it is typically distributed among departments and is ineffectively, inconsistently, and incompletely communicated. There is no single source for information about opportunity sites, their potential, or associated city incentives.

1. Municipalities and Planning Professionals lack tools and capacity to communicate priority sites and associated economic potential to a national investment community.

2. Investors and Developers lack a single source for information across multiple jurisdictions about sites that are underexposed but are prioritized for new investment.


1) OppSites empowers municipalities and professional planners to identify sites where increased economic opportunity exists, and broadcast that information to the investment community.

 2) OppSites allows Investors and Developers to find investment opportunities that may not be publicly listed, and learn about local development priorities and incentives.


Value Statement

OppSites represents a new and entirely unaddressed area of real estate investment and development, one that targets the identification, listing, and value comparison of potentially hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide

We focus on strategically important, commercially valuable, yet underexposed categories of municipal real estate information.  OppSites are municipally and professionally designated properties, municipally owned or not, publically listed or not, that are favored by the municipality for economic development. Site designations are central to municipal planning and growth initiatives, thus strategically important to municipalities.

OppSites will accomplish the following goals for its primary users:

Cities and Municipalities

  • outreach to investment community
  • increase likelihood of new investment
  • increase revenue
  • increase value of tax base

Investors, Developers, Brokers

  • find underexposed investment opportunities
  • reduce research costs
  • reduce entitlement risk
  • get an edge on competition
  • increase profits

Business Model

Basic (free) Services 

  • Municipalities and planning professionals identify sites, describe development priorities, alert investors.
  • Investment community can search for sites matching preferred criteria. 

Premium Services (multi-tiered pricing model)

  • Municipalities and planning professionals can actively market opportunity sites. 
  • Investment community can subscribe by region, receive email updates, and obtain in-depth information.
  • Banner and Associative advertising. 





  • Ian Ross
    Ian Ross | Founder
    Since 1999 Ian has provided services to assist cities to envision, enable, and realize their desired future. My background in economics and urban design has positioned OppSites at the intersection of city planning and private sector investment.
  • Tomas Janusas
    Tomas Janusas | Founder
    Co-founder @ OppSites, Urban design associate @ City Design Collective. Previous experience: 5y in Real Estate Investments, 2y project manager @ Bayer, 1y GIS @ BCDC, alma mater UC Berkeley.
  • Sarah Filley
    Sarah Filley | Team member
  • Fernando Altamirano
    Fernando Altamirano | Team member
    Team Member at Oppsites. Urban Design Associate at City Design Collective. 3 Years experience at J Suss Industries. Graduate from UC Berkeley.
Business model

OppSites is a company working to develop municipal information web portals. Our mission is to identify strategically important, commercially valuable, yet underexposed categories of municipal data, and beneficially enhance and share that knowledge publically. Specifically, we monetize municipal knowledge while promoting openness and efficiency in government.

Competitive advantage

Our Pilot Cities Program is underway!

We have signed a number of California cities as 'early adopters' and have contracts in excess of $84,000 for OppSites Premium Services in our first 6 months!

We expect to greatly expand our market share and revenue from cities and private sector real estate professionals as part our massive Launch:

  • Congress For New Urbanism National Conference – June, New York.
    • Panel presentation and discussion
    • Exposure to hundreds of cities and planning professionals and developers.
  • League of California Cities Annual Conference – September, Los Angeles
    • Two Day Expo Booth
    • Exposure to over 480 California cities
    • Thousands of economic development professionals.
  • American Planning Association Conference, California Chapter, Sepember 13-16, Los Angeles
    • Panel and Roundtable Discussions
    • Thousands of city staff and real estate professionals.


Ian Ross has over 15 years of professional experience providing planning and economic revitalization consulting to cities throughout California. His company is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of city planning and private sector real estate development, and OppSites is empowered to bridge the gap. We actively connect cities to investors who support their long-term vision for sustainable economic growth.


Tomas Janusas has diverse background in real estate, GIS and project management. Previous work experience includes working for the Los Angeles real estate investment company where he gained professional experience in market research, strategic acquisition, development, refinance and management of multi-family and commercial real estate portfolios. In addition, he was a project manager at Bayer and GIS professional at San Francisco Bay Conservation and development Commission. 

Our Advisers:

Ken Vanosky C-Level Executive with extensive Strategy, International, Finance and Operations experience. Telecommunications, Services, Manufacturing, and Nonprofits.

  • Co-founded and led start-ups in telecom services, storage systems, collaboration platforms, collaborative 3D/4D systems, and network analytics (including collaborative work design, exceptions management and predictive analytics), and with an IPO and a favorable exit through asset sale.
  • Initiated, developed, structured, and coordinated over $75MM in completed financing with investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, investors, analysts, and media
  • Co-founder and CFO of a NASA Ames Technology Center technology company commercializing space program technologies, ultimately with a successful asset sale exit for $13.5MM. 
  • Serving as Executive VP, CFO/Treasurer took  Canadian telecommunication services company from start-up to $28MM CND ($52M PV) revenue in 18 months and public listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, raising $16M ($30M PV) from Canadian pension funds and strategic investors.

Kurt Grubaugh IT Systems Architect with 10+ years of experience aligning business needs with technology solutions to optimize productivity and organizational growth. Success in coordinating technical and non-technical resources and in creating momentum through entire project lifecycle.

  • Expedia – Systems Engineer - SDI, Enterprise Technology Services. Orchestrate design and deployment of IT products and services for individual product groups across foreign and domestic datacenters
  • Microsoft – IT Operations Manager - 14 years - Progressed through series of media-focused business groups, carrying direct oversight of IT operations and systems administration for multi-platform infrastructure. Leveraged technology to uncover and capitalize on opportunities to enhance

Keith McCoy Vice President and Principal – Urban Community Partners Real Estate Development

  • 20 years of real estate development experience with land acquisition, community planning, government negotiations, public charrettes and consensus building, product development, financial analysis, asset management and property disposition.
  • Keith has successfully directed the entitlements for East Garrison, a 244 acre, 1,400 home, mixed use, public/private partnership on the former Fort Ord Army Base in Monterey County, CA, and Mills Ranch, a 100 acre 400 home mixed income Traditional Neighborhood Development located in King City, CA. As a development consultant working with Tanimura and Antle, Keith is currently managing the entitlements for a 250 acre 1,000 unit mixed use New Urbanist community in Yuma, AZ.