What's New On The Net
Location: Andheri , Mumbai, India India
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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What's New On The Net

What's New On The Internet
Mumbai, India India
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Company description

We report all the developments/News from the Web World & Smartphone Apps, 24X7. Our target audience is aged 16-48 years.  'Real World' developments hold no meaning for us, the Ether is where we "glide". We have only one Directory - The Internet & only one set of audience: Netizens.

Our website monitors, aggregates and reports on all developments on the software/content front in the Online World& from the domain of Smartphone Applications.

We also feature other online Startups, be it a new website, blog, game portal, social networking site or any other. We do not write about the technical stuff or hardware, though.

We strongly believe that our website serves as a one-stop shop for online community members, where he/she can get his/her daily fix of the Internet.

Reasons: Because of the publication of handpicked News & Information related to Cyberspace, we ensure that only that what is relevant to the average Net surfer, appears. Also, we like to keep things Simple for our readers.

So if you wanna make your Internet experience Efficient, Economical & Easy, is where you should be.

  • Sorab Ghaswalla
    Sorab Ghaswalla | Team member
    I am an India-based Internet entrepreneur & Internet/digital world consultant. Old world journalist & communicator with almost three decades of experience. Now run my own firm, New Age Content Services LLP, a full Internet Marketing services firm.
Business model

As of now, our business model looks at generating revenue from online advertising & selling of Advertorials.

Competitive advantage

Our website has en edge over its competitors for 2 reasons: -

(a) The News reports, nuggets of Information & Startups News related to the world of the Internet are carefully handpicked by human editors with the stress only on their ability to make a difference in the daily online life of an average Netizen

(b) Our basic ethos of keeping things Simple, hence, our website design & style of writing confirm to that belief