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micro RNA sponge

Seattle, Washington, United States United States
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Creative Biogene provides world-class micro RNA sponge service and we have been perfecting MicroRNA sponge service for many years. MicroRNA sponge is a RNA molecule with multiple tandem miRNA binding sequences that can sequester miRNAs from their endogenous target mRNAs and thus serve as a decoy , and a stably expressed miRNA sponge is particularly valuable for long-term loss-of-function studies both in vitro and in vivo.

Tandem miRNA binding sequences usually imperfectly match the target miRNA and are inserted in the 3′UTR of a reporter gene. The most common miRNA sponge design involves the insertion of a tandem multiplex artificial miRNA binding sequence into the 3′UTR of a Pol II-driven reporter gene, such as green fluorescence protein (GFP) or luciferase. In addition, there is another miRNA sponge system that utilizes the Pol III promoter to drive sponge expression, in which 5' and 3' stem-loop structures are added to stabilize the RNA products to substitute the reporter gene in the Pol II promoter system. With more and more noncoding RNAs were discovered, MicroRNA sponge has indispensable role in both scientific research and practical application.