Location: Hyderabad, India India
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Hyderabad, India India
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A company/app specifically aimed at the Indian market which has over a Million active android users. Also the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India insists that an SMS is sent for any transaction which happens in the country.

What we do 

We have made an app which will take all actionable information and crucial SMS messages and highlight them in a visually pleasing , easily accessible, and compartmentalized format . We also make it easier for them to take actions on these SMSs by giving them contextual actionable buttons.
It also compartmentalizes all promotional SMSes into CHANNELs where a user can look at only the category she/he wishes to look at. 

In India SMS is used extensively for marketing purposes. So by gaining access to SMS we can deterministically see how many people have actually read the message. Also we can give the companies associated with us SOME information about the other purchases or intents the users have committed to.For eg, if we know that a group of users buy pizza every wednesday , we could give this whole set of users and give this actionable information to them. We in turn ask them to push some special offers they can give through our application.  This would be made available in a seamless UI through our CHANNEL concepts