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The industry’s leading Internet-based, people-powered, translation platform.
Draper, Utah, United States United States
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Company description
Lingotek is the leader in collaborative translation technology. Lingotek is transforming the way companies translate and localize information, making the process faster, less expensive and more accurate. Its exclusive web-based Collaborative Translation Platform™ represents the next step in the revolution of translation through technology and community involvement.

Today, global organizations, intelligence agencies and government entities use the platform, saving days, weeks and months on projects ranging from a few pages to several volumes. Lingotek also offers professional translation services for companies. The company is based in Draper, Utah.

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    Randall Grilli is a Client Executive with the Loughlin/Michaels Group. Randall manages the day-to-day execution of analyst, media and social media relations programs, speakers bureau and awards programs for clients. His areas of expertise inclu...
Business model

With Lingotek’s web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, businesses can create a decentralized translation model that empowers community leaders across the globe to set up and manage independent translation efforts in their regions, ensuring more accurate and timely translation of a much larger number of documents important for the individual markets.


Lingotek enables localization and translation managers to have more control in the localization process, letting them upload new projects, assign projects to translators and communities, check the status of current projects and download completed documents.  As a result, they can ensure translation projects are done in time to release products or services around the world simultaneously, with all content accurately translated with sensitivity to every colloquial nuance of the native language and country. The platform:


  • Enables flexible and alternative workflows and integrates with content management systems
  • Provides content owners a dashboard for managing and assigning content including the ability to alert translators and communities of projects
  • Creates a translator scoreboard along with voting and leader boards
  • Captures translations for future use through Translation Memory
  • Allows managers and translators to work from any location with internet access.
Competitive advantage

Lingotek's competitive advantage is the combination of technological and collaborative solutions they provide within their software platform. Cutting-edge technology drives Lingotek translation productivity software. Similarly, social networking features enable communities, or "crowds," to translate together. Lastly, worldwide linguistic experts collaborate on your translation projects. 


Lingotek's unique combination of translated approaches tied with embedded project management features allow for intelligently translated projects, in an efficient manner, reducing time-to-market and cost by nearly fifty percent. Content owners can upload new projects, assign professional translators, and track project progress in real time. Translated projects are saved, and identical phrases are pulled from within an organizations database (such as messaging and marketing architecture) to grow and re-use translated content, to facilitate faster and more accurate translations in the future.


Further unique advantages include a centralized repository of language data that can be shared and reused. The Lingotek Platform requires only a browser and an internet connection. "Crowds" and collaborative groups can be selected from anyone you choose to participate. Lastly, all progress, and information is available in clear up-to-the moment progress statistics and project information via the management features.