Location: Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Kray Technologies

Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
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We see the world need in agriculture automation that saves labor, increases production and makes it cleaner. We believe that crop protection is the most crucial activity that can be improved by drones and the most prominent heavy-lift drones market in at least 10 next years. That's why we created Kray Protection UAS: the industrial robotic spraying drone built to replace agriculture planes and ground sprayers. This solution is the world’s first drone applicable for the industrial scale: medium and bigger acreage farms. Nowadays, the clear trend is present toward agriculture automation. But no industrial automation of aerial application for crop protection exists. Application of crop protection impacts up to 70% of yield. But crop dusting in most cases is outsourced for USA mid-size farmers. As a result, many mid-acreage cropland farmers have average profit rate close to zero. But Kray Protection UAS will change this. Due to a very sophisticated design, our drone has unique characteristics: extremely high productivity (about 1000 acres of crops per day) and best-in-class application quality with 10 times less Opex and Capex. We have the highly qualified Engineering and Business team to be successful. The core team has 3+ year story on heavy-lift drones.