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Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Kado creates the thinnest wall-charger in the world! Less than 0.2", based on a ground-breaking technological innovation which allows us to transform power in a new way and minimize the size of chargers. Privately funded and running since 2016, Kado seeks to provide people with simple solutions to everyday power needs. And with many having several devices today, we depend on electrical power more than ever before, while dealing with carrying large, bulky adapters and messy cables. Users still can't rely on trends (fast charge, wireless) which require large transformers be connected to electrical outlets, as they're not fully matured yet. Kado's ultra-thin wall-chargers set new standards and solve these issues : - “Kado Wallet” for cellphones is 0.2” thin, X5 thinner, X3 smaller in volume than regular smartphone chargers. The size of a credit card, it has a 2 ft. cable. and fits in wallets. - “Kado Sleeve 70W” for laptops is 0.26”, X4 thinner and smaller than regular laptop chargers and is X3 lighter. Enables charging 2 devices simultaneously and has a 6.5 ft. cable. Kado changes chargers the way we know them and can turn an indispensable electric accessory into a desirable consumer device.