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Location: 95 Chestnut St, 3rd Floor, Providence, Rhode Island, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Providence, Rhode Island, United States United States
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JumpOffCampus is an online resource for tenants and landlords to connect. 

There are over 45 million rental units in the US, 92% of which are owned by individuals, and 80% being 1-4 unit properties. We refer to the demographic of landlords who own these as “Small Landlords,” and they have specific needs vastly different than medium and large property managers and realtors. There also over 100 million renters in the US. 

Since renting and finding properties isn’t their full-time job, Small Landlords and prospective tenants have incentives to find each other quickly and cost-effectively. Yet, what options are available to them? 

As was the case over a decade ago, two popular channels - Craigslist and Realtors - dominate the rental market. However, both have inherent problems… The common theme is a sliding scale of quality vs. cost. Craigslist and Realtors represent the extremes of this spectrum, but there is a void in the marketplace that represents an opportunity to provide a cost-effective and high quality service useful to both tenants and landlords, effectively balancing both quality and cost. 

JumpOffCampus solves this problem by providing a cost-effective and quality product for both. We're starting in the university market where over 10 million students look for housing each year. We're currently partnered with over 25 institutions (and growing!), and will continue to leverage this consistent stream of renters to gain a foothold in the larger rental market, ultimately disrupting the existing, archaic aforementioned channels.