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Founded in: 2009
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 16-30
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Mumabi, India India
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Company description

Instrulok is an internationally recognized tube fitting manufacturer. We are the leading ISO & PED Certified manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure compression fittings. At the same time, Instrulok offers fittings in both Indian markets and international markets. Our expertise in this domain is a result of client’s feedback from over 80 countries. Eventually, we offer aggressive pricing and quick delivery to clients. No doubt, we are successful because all our fittings are inspected before dispatch.

Tube Fitting are available in two designs. Single ferrule fittings and double ferrule fittings. Double ferrule fittings are more popular. However we can also offer single ferrule fittings based on client usage. Critical to fittings usage is the operational surrounding of the installation. Based on the type of gas and liquid flow and its operational pressure fittings can be made in the following materials.

Our Key products are High Quality Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings

Parts of Tube Fitting

  • Tube Fitting Consists of 4 parts:
  • Nuts – Swaged to the tubing with a mounting tool
  • Front Ferrule – Mounted on the nut.
  • Back Ferrule – Imperative hardness for sustaining pressure.
  • Body – Provides for flow of the gas and liquid.

 For Enquiries you can contact us on or call us at +91-2267436562

Male Connector                                                               Bulkhead Male Connector

Male Elbow                                                        Female Connector

Bulkhead Female Connector                       Female Elbow

Union                                                                    Reducing Union

Bulkhead Union                                                                Union Elbow

Reducing Union Elbow                                   Union Tee

Reducing Union Tee                                       Male Branch Tee

Male Run Tee                                                    Female Branch Tee

Female Run Tee                                                               Union Cross

Reducer                                                               Cap

Plug                                                                       Back Ferrule

Front Ferrule


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