Innovation Discovery
Location: 5042 Wilshire Blvd #28217, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Innovation Discovery

innovation, networking, hiring solution, marketing
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description


Innovation Discovery is building the First World-Wide Database of Innovations, be part of the change!

Contribute to the First World-Wide Database of Innovations



Our VISION is simple: promote the diffusion of the innovations in the world in order to improve the quality of the life of the entire humanity.


Great benefits, a better life and a new world....for everybody!

BE PART OF THE CHANGE! Contribute to our project to improve the quality of life of everybody!


An online database, designed to foster awareness and adoption of product innovations and new technologies. It is a unique solution to fill the gaps between the existing innovations and the innovations we use.


We aim to connect worldwide potential customers to innovations and technologies and make them more diffused and successful. When you join "Innovation Discovery", you gain access to innovations, technologies, innovative talents, dealers, installers, consultants, joint venture partners, updates, and insights that help you to live in the future NOW.

We are developing a worldwide database of innovations, connections between innovations, and companies providing innovative products. The application is splitted in two parts:

  • A front-end, consumer oriented, is presented as a WIKIPEDIA style, organized in categories with the innovations details and the benefits of their adoption.

  • A back-end, business oriented, is presented in a LINKEDIN style, to establish networking between INNOVATIONS, COMPANIES, DEALERS/INSTALLERS, and PROFESSIONALS/CONSULTANTS.


Every year, hundreds if not thousands of innovations see the light, but at the same time, people keep using old if not obsolete technologies. Why is that?


  • CONSUMERS do not know/understand new technologies

  • INSTALLERS do not have the right know-how

  • PROFESSIONALS are not well connected with each other

  • CORPORATIONS are not aware of many new technologies and struggle to find knowledgeable specialists who can help them to use innovations; also, companies that develop innovations have trouble publicizing their innovation and to penetrate the market.

We want to improve the diffusion and adoption of innovations to improve the quality of life and the economic development of the world.


I am Carlo Rivis, CEO and founder of Innovation Discovery. I have more than 15 years of experience in Technology and Innovations and have founded different companies in Italy (EU) and U.S. traveling and working half western world noticing how people do not buy the best choice, but the improved version of something they already know. It does not matter if they can save money; most of the time they do not trust the seller or are too frightened to risk a change, so they buy the thing they are already familiar with.

For years I have thought about this discrepancy: many new innovations that help in reducing costs and improving the quality of life exist, so why people do not use them? At the end I found the answer: because of missing knowledge, fear of risk, and sticking to habits. I hope the platform will empower users to save money/time, reduce consumption, improve sustainability and improve performances; for a better quality of life for everybody.


Innovation Discovery was born at the beginning of 2016 and started hitting the market few months later with its online core at Its vision is to promote the diffusion of the innovations in the world to improve the quality of life of the entire humanity.


December 2015 I had the idea. In February 2016 the team was ready. May 2nd we released the prototype online and 4 months later we already have:

  • 39,300+ unique visitors
  • 64,600+ page visits on the official blog

  • More than 5,100+ views on youtube

  • More than 1,750+ fans on Facebook

  • More than 10,000+ people reached every week on Facebook

  • More than 480+ followers on Twitter

  • More than 100+ followers on Pinterest

  • More than 100+ professionals on Linkedin

  • More than 50+ followers on Instagram












  • Carlo Rivis
    Carlo Rivis | Founder
    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION MANAGER I am an accomplished IT and Project Management professional with more than 10 years of leading complex technology projects and teams. My background includes successful experience driving the adoption of ...
Business model

1) Develop the platform and build the worldwide database of Innovations

2) Create a COMMUNITY of consumer interested in save money/time using our free database

3) Sell a MARKET SOLUTION really targeted to the audience

4) Invite to connect to the innovations Corporation & Professionals to gain free exposure

5) Sell a HIRING SOLUTION targeted on results obtained from candidates

6) Sell PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING focused on innovation






Competitive advantage

We are the first company that:

- COLLECT all the innovations in the world
- CATEGORIZE innovations for easy consultation, focusing information to the real needs of the consumers using a simple language
- CONNECT innovations to each inventors, producers, dealers, professionals

  CONSUMERS will have access to the innovations in the easiest way possible.
CORPORATIONS will market to the right audience and hire people with the skills really needed