Iken Solutions
Location: iKen Solutions - India CM-5, Third Floor, SINE, CSRE Building Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, India, Mumbai, India India
Founded in: 2006
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 16-30
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Iken Solutions

is a software product company specialized in intelligent business systems backed by hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques (expert system, case-based reasoning, neural networks and genetic algorithms). It is an IIT Bombay research spin-off.
Mumbai, India India
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Company description

To provide highlyrelevant and extremely personalized context-based enduser experiences for the digitalworld




is a comprehensive Consumer 3.0 analyticsframework for N=1 personalized experiences. Acts like a backbone for allpersonalization and recommendations across different types of verticals(online/mobile/ipTV/DTH/Retail/BFSI, etc).


iKen Studio

Is a completelyweb-based development environment to develop and deploy applications,knowledge-based decision support systems, websites and BI (BusinessIntelligence) applications backed by or enhanced with artificial intelligence(AI) techniques especially integrated architectures of expert system andcase-based reasoning.
Is one of the first complete Online Web-based DevelopmentFrameworks to develop and deploy Decision Support Systems, Knowledge-basedsystems, Web-sites and Applications backed by Expert System, Case-BasedReasoning and Hybrid AI Technologies.


  • Antonio Peña
    Antonio Peña | Team member
    Antonio is a lawyer and a serial technology entrepreneur.He is the founder of Altergaia, a technology investment and consulting company built by expert telecom and internet consultants with a razor-sharp focus in wireless telecom in Latin America....
Business model

* Mobile Operators/D2C Mobile Companies/Content Owners/Service Providers
o Fixed License Fee (one-time/annual)
o Transactional Fee
o Set-up Fee
o Annual Maintenance Fee
* E-Commerce/Websites/Portals
o Set-up Fee
o Monthly License Fee/Transaction Fees
o Annual Maintenance Fee
* Technical Alliances
Case by Case

Competitive advantage

iKen Studio

Other AI Tools

Hybrid AI approach

Concentrate on single AI technique

Agile, Adaptive, on-the-fly, configurable , programmable and proactive intelligence

Analytics (using data mining techniques) are mostly reactive

Same framework used for analysis, configuration, implementation and deployment

Implementation of analytics in operational systems is always an issue

Customizations done to address various application categories

Focus is only implementing core AI techniques