Location: to be updated, Indonesia
Founded in: 2000
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2018, Government grant: $20 k
Short URL: vator.co/homedika-healthcare-is-in-your-hand-1

Homedika: Healthcare Is In Your Hand

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Company description

Homedika is one of the leading health marketplace in Indonesia. It is a technology that connects health professionals and health facilities that provides a lot of health services to patients to be treated at home. This is a new initiatives developed by Indonesia Medika as a company concerning in inventing innovative health products and or services, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the Indonesian society by extending the medical treatment and patient care. We want to change the behavior, culture, and style of health professionals toward their patients to create a new ecosystem of healthcare services and incite them to work more on this essential. We aim thus Indonesian people to feel the difference of the ease, speed, and openness, value it, and make a greater use of our unique healthcare services in a country still on the road to development.


Business model

The main market that we plan to launch our startup is to all citizens from Indonesia at all age, ranging from rural areas to urban areas, with more specific target is also to the health professionals which are already registered based on ministry of health regulation, and universities/vocational high school (to become our volunteer for crowd-funding activities in the company). These people will be connected through our technology using mobile apps and website. To maintain our program over time, Homedika will be committed to 6 main concepts:

  1. Working with only skilled and experiences health professionals
  2. Understanding the general patients‘needs before coming to their house. To this end, a commenting section in the appointment form will be available for the patients to explain their needs to the health professionals of Homedika. Additionally, we also provide remotely consultation by phone or video calls for more information needed.
  3. Adapting the healthcare services to the patients‘ needs and living environment
  4. Giving online reports: at the end of each appointment the health worker will have to report online what he noticed, undertook and suggested during the visit. It aims to give more transparency and a better follow-up of the patient‘s case for the next appointments
  5. Providing great customer services to ensure their satisfaction and constantly searching for the improvement the services
  6. Our main values are focusing on fast and best quality healthcare services
Competitive advantage
  1. Provide high quality health cares: Patients will not have any more feel scared to be heal by unqualified health workers, which will guarantee them to obtain the most accurate cares and increase their chance of recovery.
    1. Provide in-home medical services: With Homedika, everyone can be treated at home, which will protect them against the hassle the encountered before and make them recovered in the most comfortable surrounding environment possible, their home.
    2. Make Indonesian people independent: With the Homedika application sick persons can call round-the-clock a health worker directly without being backed by their family.