Greenstart $25,000 2011 Business Plan Competition

Greenstart $25,000 2011 Business Plan Competition

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Location: P.o. box 38 Nateete Uganda, Kampala, Uganda Uganda
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 31-50
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Kampala, Uganda Uganda

Green Energy Products will offer briquettes with higher boiler efficiency to all users of traditional firewood/charcoal for heat energy. It will also offer carbon emissions reduction credits to the carbon credit market to benefit both the users and investors in this project and offer power generated from use of biomass fuel to run steam turbines.

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Company description

Green Energy Products offers a perfect substitute for traditional firewood and charcoal in form of briquettes with higher boiler efficiency to all users of traditional firewood or charcoal for heat energy, and smart people who are concerned with protecting the environment, their health and using highly economical source of heat energy. It also offers carbon emissions reduction credits in very innovative way to the carbon credit market to benefit both the users and investors in this project.


In order to ensure high availability at her stores, Green Energy Products is to build a distribution capability to replenish it products frequently and on time to its customers. It will also register all users and investors the carbon emissions reduction green book where all will be sent the status of their contribution to the carbon market. Overawed by two varieties and sizes in this biomass energy available round the year, customers are willing to pay premium prices for the value of the products.


In order to create the strong value proposition, Green Energy Products needs key skills in building and maintaining furnaces, dry rooms, crushers. Steam boilers, hummers, ovens, marketing and financial discipline, production and stock management and therefore, it will engage talented mechanical engineers, marketers, accountants, skilled operators and distribution specialists and has also made key investment in flexible and high speed machines from China and south Africa.


Further, in order to offer the best biomass heat energy, it has built a huge library of alternative designs by outsourcing. On the cost side, its major expenses are in raw materials sorting and transportation, salaries and utilities.


It will use traditional media to access its clients, however, it will embarked upon a unique customer relationship initiative  that makes its clients sticky, e.g. it offers special discounts to customers who make monthly orders and engages customers in a personalized way.


Green energy Product’s innovation in distribution and manufacturing system of supply based on consumption only will keep its inventory levels at 80% the industry standard and yet ensure high availability of products. These innovations not only give high growth to its sales and profitability year on year, but also will increase its responsiveness to market to a remarkable level that no competitor could reach easily.


The business is projected to reach revenue of around 1,370,000USD in the first year at 50% capacity with profitability above 10% within 3 years and is inviting investment proposals of not less than 341,934USD for a 45% stake and loans worth 400,000USD from any legal person.