Location: Haifa, Israel Israel
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Haifa, Israel Israel
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GEMs are embedded inside the physical product. These tiny modules, which are based on sensors, processing and algorithms, make the product smart and aware. "Always On" wireless infrastructure connects between the physical and the digital. Stationary, mobile, wearable, virtual and augmented devices become the human-machine-interfaces. The Gemsense smart SDK allows designing any type of app on any type of operating systems or cloud services using our partners or your own exisiting solutions Our product allows anyone to get data from sensors in the application level instantly without expert HW skills. In fact, you can be "just" a software engineer to get started working with most sensors. There is no such platform with capabilities in the world today. Not our in the market. Not at the same level of maturity and trust from big corporations such as IBM, Intel, DSPG and smaller startups such as Elemental Machines, OTI and more.. We're growing rapidly with our second product (the Red Amber Gem) with businesses and makers worldwide