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Location: PO Box 58854 , Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
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FYIcode® is a patent pending system that allows consumers to get information from stationary objects through their cellphones using a phone number instead of an app. Once the consumer has loaded our toll free phone number into their cell phone, preferably a Bluetooth equipped smart phone, they can obtain information completely hands free from real estate signs, phone numbers located on signs, vehicles, business cards, store fronts and anywhere phone numbers may be advertised or presented. The system provides callers with access to as much detail as the provider wishes to provide, including bringing the caller into the website for that product or service being called in upon.

Our website features a short video demonstration of system in use on real estate signs.

The exciting part of our system is our WORD based technology that allows for consumers to call in and say an FYIcode enabled word and get similar information. This is ideal for billboard advertising and we have some really exciting partnerships in the works for that vertical but also radio advertising. Obviously, consumers responding to a visual stimulus can choose to make the same response to an audio stimulus. This has tremendous implication for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising, as the both the stimulus (GPS position of the billboard sign or time code of the radio ad) and the call in on the seeing or hearing of the ad can be known. While it will take some time to aggregate data, this is seen as a possible game changer for both verticals.

We know that we will be a vacuum cleaner for gathering information and accumulating data; we have, as a fundamental principal, which we believe, is sound business, not to provide the callers ID to the client. They will know a call occurred, when it occurred, whether the caller received the link to the website or hung up. They will get to “capture” the caller if the caller chooses to call through to the seller/client.

We are very much about privacy and choice on the part of the consumer.

Once a caller has called in, they listen to information and are presented with (currently) 3 options: Say "1" and forward the call directly to a number designated by the client (seller, restaurant etc.) for immediate direct connection; They may say "2" and receive a text link that opens to a website designed for mobile phone viewing for the product or service called in on. This site will have contact information plus information about the product or service being offered, along with coupons, perhaps a payment portal, pretty much whatever the client wants to do with the site, including link it to their main site.

If the caller exercises’ option "2", they remain anonymous.

Option 3 is simply that the caller hangs up. They remain anonymous there as well.

There is no charge to consumers for using this service.

We charge the business/FYIcode subscriber $49 per year for this service and include a replenish-able data plan of $10 that includes up to 100 phone calls or 100 text messages or some combination there of.


We have minimal revenue as we launched our first large-scale test with a national real estate firm this month.


We do have some really superb prospects for partnering in the B2C and B2B arenas, plus our prospect for reaching out to the radio vertical is stellar.


Try our demo: This is the current cover of our Facebook page. Dial our toll free number using your smart phone. (Note: we have a dual IVR system set up for reliability. You must say “number” to enter a number or say “word” to enter a word. ) Following the prompts, say, “number” then say “855 295 4394”. You will listen to some information about our service. Then say “2” and get the text link that takes you to this site.


We are trying to do a “gift card” program into a large retailer, plus are preparing to launch a similar program on Amazon and EBay. (We are waiting for Amazon to approve us.) This will allow people to become more familiar with our product and enable small businesses, professionals and even families to become a part of our wirelessly connected world.


We have some very talented management waiting on the sidelines as we begin the work of funding. My job as current management/ownership is to ensure we have as many options on our plate as possible.

My original interest in Vator stemmed from my interest in American Express’ new venture arm and Ms. Francisco-Roizen’s interview with the CEO. In my view, we fit each of their interests.

We believe we have a global concept. We have a working model that has been carefully scrutinized by several experts for scalability. We simply need to put capital together with management and this business should become a fixture on the landscape, much like Pay Pal.


You seem like a group that might be able to make this happen.

May we talk?


Steve Ray

615 513 6776