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London, United Kingdom United Kingdom

Frugl is the only events discovery app that helps people on a budget find affordable things to do in London.

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Company description

Frugl is the only events discovery app that helps Londoners on a budget find affordable things to do. We launched as a free download for iPhones mid-March 2014. 

We are currently building our audience and seeking SEIS funding to be able to continue to innovate our technology and scale to other cities that face similar challenges to London such as NYC.









  • Suzanne Noble
    Suzanne Noble | Founder
    I'm the founder of Frugl, a new events discovery app for iPhones that helps Londoners on a budget find affordable things to do. For the past 20+ years I have been a PR Director working in the entertainment and tech industries.
  • Tikiri Hulugalle
    Tikiri Hulugalle | Team member
    Broadly speaking my background has been in web design and development. I have also been an account exec at a PR agency, IT manager at Travel Firm and the Office Manager at the Sri Lanka Tourist Board Office in London. I'm now CTO for Frugl
  • Tom Maya
    Tom Maya | Team member
  • Jerry Ennis
    Jerry Ennis | Mentor
Business model

Currently Frugl aggregates content from various events listing sources and ticketing agents. Once we have grown our audience we intend to build our own platform for event holders and businesses to list.

Competitive advantage

Frugl has a number of key advantages - 

1. A great name!

2. A way for users to very quickly and easily find things of interest to them that are low cost or free

3. A way for promoters of low cost or free events to be able to connect with their audience

4. A friction-free and easy-to-use UX that means searching and finding events of interest is fun and easy