Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Fresh Air

Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
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Our first product is a toilet seat with built-in exhaust fan. It's Fresh Air Toilet Seat, which removes odors directly from inside of the toilet bowl to the outside, before it will escape to the bathroom and make Unpleasant for the person who is using the bathroom also making uncomfortable for the person who comes in right after. The person who is in the bathroom doesn't smell any bad odors. Also another benefit of this seat cover is that it removes all the germs, bacteria and viruses straight from the source. Our product has a beautiful design, built in exhaust fan starts automatically when a person sits down and turns off when the person stands up. Also, the seat cover does come with soft close option. Our product is suitable for the most current produced and used toilets. This product is ideal for new construction and also can be installed on existing bathrooms. This product is available to purchase with toilet and seat cover together, it’s also available to purchase seat cover by itself. It’s future replacement of the ceiling fan. There is a video on our website please take a moment and watch it, it's only two minutes, it gives many information about the product and tells more about deceases which can be caused if the bad odor will not be removed. Please visit us on our website Fresh Air US Fresh Air toilet seat is a patented unique revolutionary bathroom vent system where the vent attaches directly to your toilet to stop odors at the source so your ... Our second product is a siphon for basin with a filter that can be cleaned easily without any tools, man power or plumber. We call it eztrap, it's future generation of standard siphon (p-tap). Easy to remove little basket catches all the dirt, hair and retrieves valuables before it goes to the drainage and causes clogging. It fits all standard piping. We do sell for wash base as a kit and separate kit for the kitchen sink. Please visit us on our website We would like to reach for forward thinking people like YOU and possible teach and educate public and tell them that these products are available in the area. We know for the fact that our products will be in every household in near future and it will become very standard. We would like to be pioneers who can introduce these to the world and with your help to make some money.