Location: 555 W. 5th Street #630 LA, CA 90013, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2017, Seed: $300 k
Investors: Ali Sammour
Short URL: vator.co/flatlay


Discover & Share Collections You Love.
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

The social market network and publishing tool allowing people to discover and share collections of products they love. User curate collections of products from 3000+ brands and stores and pair it alongside UGC content to promote and share across the web. Every purchase made or influenced earns users an affiliate commission on the sale generated. Users Flatlay posts have an embedded link driving friends and followers back to thier profile page dedicated to their posts and collections.

The platform is connected to our backend Flatlay Connect publishers dashboard - a portal allowing stores and brands to upload products, initiate and create campaigns with influencers in real time providing accountability, ROI and transparency.



Sign up at www.theflatlay.com to learn more and recieve an invitation for the launch.











  • Ali Sammour
    Ali Sammour | Founder
  • Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani
    Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani | Founder
    I am a technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur at heart. My real passion is problem solving, finding better ways to do things really excites me. I have been working in different position mostly for software design and development as well as a bi...
Business model

Affiliate revenue share, merchant processing on card, ad revenue share split on commissioned influencer campaigns. Also the ability to provide premium services/accounts to users qualifying them for monthly box hauls and influencer services.

Competitive advantage

Curation is an important way people discover and share recommendations on topics and products they are interested in and currently there is no medium solely dedicated to providing a home for this type of content. Flatlay addresses this by allowing users to build and share collections of goods varying across all verticals while rewarding them for purchases and recommendations to others. 
The Flatlay platform works agnostically across the web and rides on the trend of Flatlay related content being created and shared across the web.

Customers currently have a very disconnected experience when discovering and attempting to purchase the items they are interested in. Also brands and marketers are currently conducting spray and pray methods with influencers, attempting to throw large budgets at single campaign posts in anticipation of generating more potential likes or followers without accountability for sales. We provide complete transparency and accountability to these campaigns regardless of the social channel they share out to.

The team has experience with building social sharing widgets at tech startups. Also the primary founder Ali Sammour had his own denim brand providing unique industry insight into how brands and influencers work with one another to convert sales across social. This combination led to the melding of the two worlds incubating Flatlay, a blend between social commerce and influencer ad analytics.

The team has unique insight dealing with online social influencers and the pain points of dealing with distribution outlets (traditional retail stores). The use of online social marketing to break through the noise and the struggles of an upcoming niche brand combined with our tech knowledge will help us build a marketplace and ecosystem stronger than any of the other e-commerce beasts and orgs. We will use UGC content and community interaction to create a completely original and unique service providing a level of personalization that other platforms do not.