Vator Splash LA (June 2012)
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Location: 1344 N Martel Ave, #105, Los Angeles, California, United States, CA, United States
Founded in: 2005
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 05/2012, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Gary Bahadur, friends, family
Short URL:
Awards and mentions
CleanTech Open Semifinalist
Over almost 700 entries across the nation, Ether2 was selected as one of the LA area semifinalists along with about a dozen other great idea companies.
Transformative NGMN
The award for best chart to a Next Generation Mobile Network goes to Ether2
PhD Thesis Dissertation J. Alonso-Zárate, "Design and Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocols for Ad hoc and Cooperative Wireless Networks," 25th February 2009. Advisors: Dr. Christos Verikoukis (CTTC) and Dr. Luis Alonso (UPC). PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2011 awarded by the UPC.
2011: BEST PAPER AWARD IEEE ICC 2011: J. Alonso-Zárate, E. Stavrou, A. Stamou, P. Angelidis, L. Alonso, and Ch. Verikoukis, "Energy-Efficiency Evaluation of a Medium Access Control Protocol for Cooperative ARQ," in proc. of the IEEE ICC 2011, Kyoto, Japan.
Alpha category 90 second pitch

It's time to rethink the IEEE 802 + TCP philosophy for the new internet, now that wireless is king. My company is addressing the embedded "Internet of Things" with DASH7. Ether2 is addressing the internet-proper.

From JP Norair

DQSA offers an immediate 100+% improvement in bandwidth over traditional wireless infrastructures without changing the physical medium below it. What other technology improvement can offer that significant of a change, literally overnight? DQSA is the definition of a Disruptive Technology!


Don't connect to a network...BE THE NETWORK
California, United States United States

Our wireless ip for IP was made for TV as a novel broadcast architecture that does not require routers. Quality better than cable/sat HDTV; solves all of the problems in any TCP/IP WiFi & 3/4G links without significant change to the infrastructure. An old device migration path and big energy savings are also key. Biz model: Linux meets Dolby.

Company description

Our mission is to close the digital divide, connecting 4 billion people without regular access to basic information.  In fact, on June 5, 2011 the United Nations declared Internet access a human right.  So what should we do, send UN telecom peace keeping forces?

Intel research points to a future world that will be possible once we can achieve Intel’s description of “ensemble computing”.  We call it cloud on steroids, because cloud today truly exists only in the data center.  However, ensemble computing is like extending the cloud all the way to the edge of the network.  So imagine a DDOS attack that can’t be mounted because of load balancing at the edge and nodes collaborating to defend the enterprise network. 

Cooperative peering, packet forwarding and a world of multi-connectedness where your device transmits over the least cost route will finally be possible. 

Ether2 is partnered with Illinois Institute (IIT, Chicago) and Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC/CTTC, Barcelona); both are equity stakeholders in the company.  

  • Jonathan Gael
    Jonathan Gael | Team member
    Jonathan Gael is a Co-Founder of the breakthrough technology think tank, Ether2. Jonathan is responsible for all aspects of business development, including the acquisition of Ether2’s intellectual property from Illinois Institute (IIT, C...
Business model

FRAND licensing.

Bundled security.


Community events.

Competitive advantage

We have a better solution than 40 years of data network development can ever achieve.  No other company is attempting to solve this fundamental flaw that inhibits broadcast from IP networks.  Further, there is no other technology that combines the best features of circuit and packet switching, with a migration path for legacy devices.  Ether2 offers the deterministic qualities of circuit-switched networks with the economics of packet-switched shared networks. 

Further, because we can run anything 802.x.x on top of our near-perfect MAC, we can keep adding users to the network without incurring overhead...just like a TV or radio station broadcasting broadband connectivity; and because we are independent of the physical medium, we can be wired or wireless.

Our family of protocols was originally designed for cable TV with set top boxes, so the network is controlled entirely from the edge resulting in the elimination of middle switching and routing hardware in the access networks. 

We've also built security into the architecture because it shouldn't be the burden of the end-user.