Dympol, Inc.
Location: PO Box 1505, Waitsfield, Vermont, United States United States
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Short URL: vator.co/dympol-inc

Dympol, Inc.

We make good things happen at checkout!
Vermont, United States United States

Transactional ad platform introducing the accountability of performance advertising to Branded Entertainment & Cause marketing. We deliver measurable engagement by linking advertisers directly to sports & entertainment fans. We achieve double digit conversion rates & enable brands to get noticed in a positive way that earns genuine appreciation.

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Company description

Dympol’s transactional advertising platform introduces the accountability of performance advertising to branded entertainment and cause marketing.  We deliver measurable engagement by linking advertisers directly to sports and entertainment fans.  How do we achieve double-digit conversion rates?  We don’t interrupt; we empower.  Brands get noticed in a positive way that earns genuine appreciation.

We convert passionate fans into loyal customers with exclusive and relevant deals and other benefits.  For instance, our Charitable Checkout app connects brands to our network of influential people and organizations, and their followers.  When fans give to celebrity-endorsed causes, they get brand-sponsored discounts and are publicly thanked by their heroes on social networks.  The app can live in e-commerce checkouts, on social networks, or as a mobile app that enables event-based activation (with instant rewards like VIP access).  Proprietary matching technology assures that brands are attached to appropriate Influencer channels in terms of both relevancy and business rule compliance.


  • Travis Storch
    Travis Storch | Team member
    Connector - Free Agent in the entertainment, and new tech start-up space.  Background in Marketing and Business Development.  Strong rolodex.
  • Jay Ziskrout
    Jay Ziskrout | Team member
    Prior to founding Dympol, Jay served as COO of music industry publisher, event producer and brand marketer, The CMJ Network, launched (Netherlands based) Epitaph Records Europe as Managing Director, and was Vice President of Album Promotion for Ar...
Business model

Dympol operates at the nexus of Branded Entertainment, Cause, Social and Performance Marketing; globally valued at over $65 billion.  Dympol’s immediate U.S. target market of $1.17 billion is based on ~787 million sports, entertainment and leisure-related e-commerce transactions conducive to Charitable Checkout integrations.

Dympol generates CPC, CPA, and CPL fees around coupon activations and redemptions, and email acquisitions.  We also charge campaign set-up and priority placement fees.  With applications targeting web and mobile e-commerce platforms, Dympol is projected to process 28M transactions and generate $64M in 2015.


Competitive advantage

Dympol’s competitive advantages include i) Engagement and goodwill, ii) Analytics and metrics, iii) Non-interruptive experience for consumers, iv) Performance-based fee structure, v) High-value consumers, vi) Celebrity network effect, and vii) Technology and processes embodied in pending patent for “Sponsorship Of Individual, Direct-To-Consumer Transactions.”