Location: 4590 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Winner of 1st place in the Irvine Entrepreneur Forum Startup competition.


Discover dishes you love, not just restaurants
Newport Beach, California, United States United States

DishClips is a mobile application that helps you discover dishes you love, not just restaurants. Discover new foods near you; see what your friends and other food experts love at the places you eat. Because there is something you'll love at nearly any restaurant, DishClips can help you find it.

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Company description

Discover the food you love!

Discover new foods near you, see what your friends and other food experts love at the places you eat. Because there is something you'll love at nearly any restaurant, DishClips can help you find it.

Share your food experience with the world and claim your food expert status with our iPhone app using HD video.


DishClips iPhone App - Discover Food You Love


Business model

We aim to revolutionize the way people discover new foods. There are hundreds of food discovery applications focusing on where to eat; our goal is to be the primary source for what to eat and how to find it. 

We employe a B-2-B and a B-2-C model as follows:

B-2-C: All our content is generated by users. The content is mainly video captured using our mobile app and uploaded to share with the world. In this scenario, the customer is the user of the app who is generating content in exchange for points they can use towards deals at restaurants.

B-2-B: Restaurant brands are charged a small monthly fee for access to our restaurant portal to manage their profile, giving them access to:

  • Insert specials and deal which can be served to users of the app in exchange for points and currency earned within the app.
  • Analytics about the users and communities with the app, their anonymized food interests habits.
  • Direct communication with community managers and users within the app in lauching events and specials to promote their brands.
  • Moderate content related to their brand

Services are delivered on a tiered basis with a free tier that allows the brand owner to update their profile and a paid tier that allows for added deal, Analytics, and contect moderation fucntionality.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage over the direct competition (e.g. Foodspotting, Forkly, Chewsy) is two fold:

1) We enable our users to share their experience using video. This adds not only visual dimentionality, but also sound and a personal review which has proven to be a lot more interesting than a simple photo.

2) Our current mission is to build the app around food communities and create leaders within those communities that can use the app as a tool for food discovery. A good example of this are diet communities that have a hard time finding foods that meet their restrictive requirements (Think Gluten Free).