Location: 2104 Union Street, Oakland, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2015, Seed: $520 k
Investment Firms:
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The healthiest products in the world.
Oakland, California, United States United States
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Company description

Think of us as the friend you call when you don’t feel well. We know the quick and easy solution. And we deliver.

Relief from pain and discomfort doesn’t always require a visit to the doctor or pharmacy. However, the scientific research and information about natural remedies can be overwhelming. Which supplements are effective? How much should you take? Which brands are trustworthy?

We are a team of clean living enthusiasts who have done the research for you. When we reach into our medicine cabinets, we pull out natural and safe solutions that work—and now you can, too. We have partnered with honest and transparent vendors to curate the highest quality natural products that support organic, fair-trade, sustainable practices in eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. Our medical practitioner panel is involved throughout the process to ensure that our content and resources are current and accurate.

Our store contains a selection of all-natural remedies to help you build the Healthiest medicine cabinet in your home. It’s time to ditch the unnecessary chemicals and reach for the Healthiest Solution.

Business model

Healthiest’s business model is based on monthly recurring purchases of products sold to consumers. We curate “solutions” for the top searched conditions online, and each month consumables are selected for repurchasing. Similar models include The Honest Co., Thrive Market and e-Pantry. The consumer can refill or remove items from the cart as needed. As our “medicine cabinet” of solutions and products continues to grow, consumers will eventually have more purchasing options. Future revenue sources will include premium & subscription content, practitioner booking, e-consults, & retreats.

We have also established partnerships for cross promotion with LOLA (natural feminine products) and Speak to Me (women speaking events).  We have an agreggated customer email list of over 10,000 referal based (non paid).

Our current solutions include Sleep, Immunity, PMS, Allergies, Hangover, Headaches and a Natural Medicine Starter Kit.


Competitive advantage

First to Market
Healthiest is the first to market a natural medicine portal with a modern, comprehensive (complementary, alternative, integrative) medicine solution in the midst of a highly fragmented “mom and pop” or one-off landscape. Aggregating, curating, and vetting this content and the products are at the core of our model.

Top Notch Team & Network
Connections run deep between the Healthiest team, the practitioner panel, and our range of advisors. This allows us to collect accurate information and gain a strong insight into the concepts and products we are providing while iterating our creation processes efficiently and successfully.

Modern Technology & Design
Healthiest provides the user with a delightful, easy-to-use and trusted feeling. The look and feel of the site take advantage of modern design and concepts as well as the incredible advances in the health tech industry.

All products supported by Healthiest have full transparency about ingredients, production standards and include links to scientific research. Healthiest vets products and works only with brands that meet strict requirements around claims including, but not limited to, organic, fair trade, and sustainability.