Location: France France
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Opla frees workers from digital routine. Opla is a conversational robot for businesses to assist them in their daily work on the web. You need a website? Just ask Opla. But it is much more, a full opensource conversational plateform linked to a wide range of services. It already works on Facebook Messenger, where Opla creates and manages your website. As a platform agnostic it can be plugged on any messaging platform and website easily. It is coded from scratch, and highly scalable solution as no human intervention is required in the process. Opla is on Beta 4 version right now, with already 500 Beta Users and 350 websites created for them. But it is only the beginning. Robots are the next revolution. We deeply believe Opla will be part of it. We focused in the last year in creating a full and open AI platform from scratch based on our tester's feedbacks. Our experience in conversational interface is unique and valuable. Next iterations of Opla will be amazing!