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CopCritic is the first live streaming application and website that is focused specifically on improving the safety among interactions with the public and law enforcement.
The CopCritic application and process is designed to de-escalate potentially threatening situations during routine stops.
CopCritic allows the public to view live interactions between citizens and law enforcement during routine stops, share their opinions on what they view are good and poor practices, escalate when an officer is using unnecessary force or aggressiveness, and rate officer performance. 
Escalated streams become featured streams and trigger notification to site members and app user’s loved ones.
Archived streams are searchable by location, police station, officer ratings, views and escalations.
CopCritic’s analytics team utilizes data, public ratings, comments and forum discussion to provide law enforcement with the tools they need to better train officers.
CopCritic identifies examples of outstanding performance, poor performance and officers with repeated behaviors of public disapproval.
CopCritic reduces tensions, increases transparency and improves communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve

The purpose of CopCritic is to end the senseless and avoidable violence law abiding citizens sometimes encounter when interacting with police.
CopCritic aims to balance the systemic injustices and unfair treatment that ultimately lead up to excessive force and shootings of unarmed citizens. 
The goal of this app is to disarm the tensions that police officers have when approaching certain individuals, and to ensure safe, fair treatment of all citizens.

There is a racial imbalance when it comes to law enforcement and their interactions with the public.
While the same percentage of Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics were stopped by police in 2015 (9%), African Americans were:- 3x more likely to be searched (person or vehicle) than Whites - More than 3x more likely to be handcuffed- Almost 3x more likely to be arrested.
According to the Department of Justice, not until black men reach 50 years old do their traffic stop rates dip below those of white males 25 or younger.
According to the Guardian, 32% of black people killed by police in 2015 were unarmed, as were 25% of Hispanic and Latino people...several of whom were not violating any laws. 
26 of the 27 people killed by police Tasers in 2015 were unarmed.
And while this number is high, the reality is there is a broad spectrum of injustices between minorities and police officers...killing unarmed innocent men is the extreme.
Unfortunately, the official recording of fatalities and police brutality is only reported by 3% of the 18,000+ police departments and agencies in the US
This problem needs to be understood, examined and resolved so that every US citizen feels safe when they encounter law enforcement during routine stops.
We CANNOT afford any more incidents like Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, & Charles Kinsey

CopCritic increases safety for law enforcement and the communities they serve by providing a platform that promotes transparency for both the officer and individuals being questioned.
CopCritic helps law enforcement understand the situation from a “law abiding citizen’s point of view”
CopCritic provides viewers contact info of the police station responsible for the officers in each video, allowing them to let their voices be heard
CopCritic will provide valuable data that can be used to further train officers and give both law enforcement and the public the seeds for conversation that will impact change
CopCritic helps weed out the aggressive cops who are likely to commit accidental homicides

CopCritic will lead forums with community members, site members and law enforcement to open the communications are begin understanding the underlying causes of the problems
Law enforcement leadership will understand how public views these incidents
Law enforcement leadership will understand at which point public feels officer crosses the line from protector to aggressor
CopCritic rewards good behavior and proper handling of incidents
Identifies officers and police precinct with multiple incidents with public disapproval
We’ll understand how officers from different regions treat citizens differently
We’ll have a better understanding of how different races view different situations
Law enforcement will learn effective styles of communication for different types of people
Law enforcement will understanding of how different types of people want to be treated
CopCritic will use this valuable information to educate law enforcement and highlight examples of good and bad practices
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