Location: Salem, Oregon, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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College Forecaster

Salem, Oregon, United States United States
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It’s time to get the big picture. To zoom out. College is not just about that brilliant professor, that frisbee tournament, that amazing career waiting for you on the other side. College prices have risen over 1,120% since 1978; upon graduation, students leave campus not only with their diplomas in hand, but also an average debt of over $30,000. Students are asking the following question: what is the value of a college degree? College Forecaster helps students help themselves.

All online, College Forecaster has aggregated data from multiple sources to be a one-stop-shop for future college students to forecast their expenses and to put their future into perspective with the ability of their first post-grad job to finance their loan payments.

College Forecaster puts students in the driver’s seat of their education. It forces colleges to rethink and rebrand their practicality for the modern student. It holds an ever-expanding industry to a higher standard, and prepares an underserved population to invest in their future.