Cobalt Dream
Location: Topanga, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Cobalt Dream

Games for a better world.
Topanga, California, United States United States

Cobalt Dream produces innovative, immersive, and interactive new forms of social media, entertainment, and games. We craft experiences that inspire awareness, mindfulness, participation, collaboration, & more conscious choices for one's self and the world.

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Our first offering is

Children of the Stars is a ground-breaking, life-changing role playing experience for raising consciousness and creating a better world. It's training for the new paradigm through an addictive and immersive sci-fi alternate reality game incorporating art, music, merchandise and instruction from visionary artists, creators, instructors, and conscious and holistic business partners.

Imagine people around the world who normally spend hours a day tending virtual crops, fighting virtual wars, or grooming virtual pets instead practicing yoga or meditation, taking missions to learn about permaculture or sacred geometry, connecting with their ancestral and spiritual heritage, supporting conscious and holistic businesses, and collaborating with other players to accomplish real-world changes in their lives and their communities, all while earning bonus points within the game.

Children of the Stars offers users a compelling experience with addictive gameplay and the ability to be more deeply immersed within their entertainment than ever before. It places a reality overlay on users lives through the use of phone calls, SMS, emails, physical objects, real-world events, and placement of messages in other media. It enables users to participate in diverse new ways, be challenged to accomplish more, and be connected and social through the experience. It enables instructors, authors, artists, musicians, nonprofits, businesses, and creators of all kinds to become collaborators and share their information, products or services within the game. Children of the Stars opens new realms for interactivity, connectivity, inspiration, and revenue generation.