Location: Portland, Maine, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Portland, Maine, United States United States
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Chimani develops mobile app travel guides for national park travelers. We are addressing the problems that exist when traveling to a national park - high demand, over-crowding, lack of information, and a high risk of a poor experience. Chimani is bridging the “gap” by helping travelers find the right services and create an exceptional experience. This is a market with vast potential - last year had 8B visits worldwide, and 330M visits in the US to national parks. Chimani’s mobile app includes an “insider’s guide”, GPS-enabled map, gamification to drive ongoing engagement, a discount club to help save money, and the ability to work without a cell connection. Chimani has scaled to cover 65 national park destinations in the US, Canada, and UK. We have established ourselves as the marketplace leader with 120K monthly active users, 750K annual active users, and 1.5M downloads. Our business model is a $29 annual membership to our discount club and transactional revenue from services associated with the parks. Our team includes experience at PayPal, Google, and Facebook. Our CEO, Kerry Gallivan, was recently named a “pioneer” for the next century of parks by Outside Magazine. To learn more, watch our video: